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Vandals Ransack MLK’s Florida Cottage

June 8, 1964 - Vandals ransacked a summer cottage rented by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King late last night in a sparsely populated beach area near St. Augustine, Fla. Dr. King (pictured today) was in New York at the time.

The police said a fire was lighted, windows smashed, furniture overturned and broken, and cabinets pulled from the walls of the unoccupied cottage.

The cottage, rented by the integration leader last month, was riddled by bullet and shotgun fire about 10 days ago, the same night Negroes marched into downtown St. Augustine and newsmen were beaten and cameras smashed and stolen.

The St. Johns Sheriff’s Department said the latest incident occurred about 10 p.m. last night. Officers were notified when a passerby saw smoke billowing from the cottage.

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