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UPI Names Paul Hornung NFL Player of the Year

Dec. 29, 1961 - Paul Hornung, the Green Bay Packers’ versatile halfback, today was named the NFL player of the year in the United Press International poll. Despite an injury and his call into the army in November, Hornung was brilliant as a runner, place-kicker, blocker, passer, and pass-catcher in the Packers’ drive to a second straight Western Conference championship. The 25-year-old Hornung, playing his fifth professional season, received 12 votes to 8 each for Jim Taylor, the Green Bay fullback, and Sonny Jurgensen, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Jimmy Brown, the Cleveland Browns’ fullback, polled five votes. Y.A. Tittle, the New York Giants quarterback, and Lenny Moore, a Baltimore Colts halfback, drew three each.


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