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Undefeated Heavyweight Cassius Clay Stops Miteff in Sixth

Oct. 8, 1961 - Cassius Clay, an unbeaten heavyweight, stopped Alex Miteff of Argentina in the sixth round of a schedule ten-rounder last night. The victory was the ninth for Clay since he left the amateur ranks. The fast-moving Clay, after using Miteff as a punching bag through most of five rounds, sent him to the floor with a short, stiff right cross to the jaw in the sixth round. Miteff was up at the count of six, but was dazed and unable to continue. At one point in the first round, Clay hit Miteff with 12 consecutive punches. As if to show disdain for Clay's punches, Miteff stood in mid-ring with his hands at his sides. Both times, Clay moved in quickly to land punches to the jaw. The victory by Clay, who is 19, was his second before a national TV audience.


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