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Unbeaten USC Tops Navy, 13-6

Nov. 17, 1962 - Willie Brown’s 56-yard touchdown run in the third quarter clinched a 13-6 victory for unbeaten USC over Navy today. The Midshipmen almost scored in the closing minutes. With the ball on the USC 5, Pat Donnelly fumbled going into the end zone, and the ball was recovered by Gary Potter of the Trojans. Donnelly was hit hard on the goal line by Pete Beathard, and a second jolt by Trojan tackle Gary Kirner completed the heartbreaking moment. Navy got the ball again in the last minute and six seconds. Navy’s talented quarterback, Roger Staubach (#12), sparked a drive that put the Midshipmen in position to score. Staubach completed a 10-yard pass to Jim Stewart on the USC 20, but time ran out.


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