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U.S. Urges Non-Communist Nations to Back South Vietnam

Dec. 8, 1961 - The U.S. called on non-Communist nations today to rally to the defense of South Vietnam. Warning that the Southeast Asian nation was in “clear and present danger of Communist conquest,” the Administration solicited political backing for its decision to step up aid to the Government of President Ngo Dinh Diem. The appeal for wider support was voiced by Secretary of State Dean Rusk (left) and supported with the publication of a special State Department booklet. The Secretary said the booklet “documents the elaborate program of subversion, terror, and armed infiltration” against South Vietnam. That program, he added, has been “accelerated in recent months.” Mr. Rusk did not detail the steps he said were being taken by the U.S. except to say that they were meant to help South Vietnam “develop the military, economic, and social strength needed to preserve its national integrity.”


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