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U.S. To Introduce Portable Lie Detectors in South Vietnam

Feb. 28, 1964 - The United States will introduce portable lie detectors on the battlefields of South Vietnam soon, a U.S. spokesman said in Saigon today. He said the lie detectors already had shown positive results in tests on 10 South Vietnamese soldiers who were suspected of being disloyal. Of the 10, one proved to be a Communist agent. Another was a former agent, and a third acknowledged that he had occasionally assisted the Communist Viet Cong.

Another device planned for use in South Vietnam is a spray containing chemicals that determine whether a person has fired a weapon. The chemical will be sprayed on the clothing of seemingly innocent farmers rounded up during operations against the Viet Cong.

It was also revealed today that the U.S. Ambassador, Henry Cabot Lodge, has received death threats in his mail and now travels only with guards.

At the same time, the Communists are distributing leaflets calling for a big sabotage drive to reach a climax next Tuesday. South Vietnamese security agents have confiscated more than 100 pounds of high explosives and about 60 grenades in raids in Saigon since the start of an intensified Communist terrorist campaign, military sources said. Sabotage materials have been found in homes, vehicles, and shops in various quarters. Since the bombing of a movie theater Feb. 16, no serious incidents have been reported in Saigon.


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