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U.S. Senators See Preview of "Advise and Consent," Give Mixed Reviews

Mar. 21, 1962 - More than half the U.S. Senators saw last night Hollywood’s version of the Senate in action. The occasion was a private preview at a downtown Washington theatre of the motion picture “Advise and Consent.” Produced by Otto Preminger (pictured last night with Mrs. Ethel Kennedy) and based on the novel by Allen Drury, it tells the story of a bitter Senatorial fight over the appointment of a Secretary of State. The reaction of the 60 Senators to the fictional story was mixed. Many thought it was “good theatre,” but to a man they seemed to agree they were not quite looking in the mirror. “We’re much more complicated than that,” commented Senator Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota. The biggest round of applause during the showing came when Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington appeared in a party scene and declined a drink from a passing waiter.


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