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U.S. Officials: Tide May Be Turning in Vietnam

Mar. 22, 1962 - United States authorities are cautiously optimistic that the tide may soon start turning against the Communists in South Vietnam’s guerrilla warfare. On his way back from Honolulu, Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara said that American aid has enabled the South Vietnamese to go on the offensive in the guerrilla fighting. Experts on the scene said fighting had increased sharply throughout the country. A Pentagon spokesman said Gen. Paul D. Harkins (pictured left), the new American military chief in South Vietnam, regarded this is a favorable development. According to this view, the bigger-scale fighting means the Communists are exposing themselves to heavier casualties and matériel losses than they have suffered in hit-and-run attacks by small bands. Casualties on both sides have been running close to 1,000 a week.

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