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U.S. Officials: Soviet Personnel and Equipment Pouring into Cuba

Aug. 24, 1962 - U.S. officials said today that Soviet equipment and technical personnel, military and civilian, were pouring into Cuba. At least 20 cargo ships and an unspecified number of passenger ships have arrived at Cuban ports since late July. The equipment may include ground-to-air missiles, largely “defensive” weapons. There apparently is transportation, electrical, and construction equipment such as communications vans, radar vans, and mobile generator units going into coastal and air defenses. Technicians, probably half of them military, are estimated at 3,000 to 5,000. Intelligence reports do not indicate the arrival of troops or equipment that would add significantly to the limited offensive power of the Cuban forces. Moscow’s explanation has been that its ships are carrying machine tools, wheat, agricultural machinery, tinned goods, combine harvesters, fertilizer, and cereals. However, 40-foot crates indicate to observers that the contents are equipment not used in agriculture or on household tables. A Government official said the deliveries were a matter of concern to the entire Western Hemisphere.


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