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U.S. Crime Rate Soars

July 18, 1963 - FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said today the crime rate in this country is outstripping the population growth by almost four to one. Last year, he said, there were 2,048,370 recorded crimes, an all-time high and an increase of 6% over 1961. Hoover said in his annual report to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy that during the past five years the crime rate in his country went up 27% while the population increased 7%. He said that all types of major crimes except murder showed increases during 1962. Murder dropped 2%. Statistically speaking, of every 100,000 Americans, 4.5 were murdered, 8.8 were raped, 51.3 were robbed, 75.1 were assaulted, and 480 were burglary victims last year. The nationwide crime trend, the FBI said, was 13% higher than the average rate over the three-year period 1959-61.


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