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U.S. Army Establishes Anti-Guerrilla School at Fort Bragg

Apr. 5, 1962 - The Army announced today that it had established an anti-guerrilla school at Fort Bragg, N.C. Personnel will be trained to combat insurgents by improving living conditions of the people as well as by force. In addition to commando combat courses, the school will teach such things as civil affairs, psychological warfare, religion, history, agriculture, nationalism, engineering, communications, and light aviation. The scope of the school is in accord with a philosophy laid down by Secretary of the Army Elvis J. Stahr Jr. Mr. Stahr frequently has quoted a statement by the Cuban Communist leader, Maj. Ernesto Guevara (pictured), that “all the facilities which make life easier are unfavorable for the guerrilla forces.” An Army spokesman said that for the time being the school’s courses would be “oriented toward” the struggle to oust Communist guerrillas from South Vietnam.


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