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U.E. Baughman, Secret Service Chief, to Retire

July 24, 1961 - U.E. Baughman (pictured), chief of the U.S. Secret Service, plans to retire next month. Mr. Baughman has served in the post for 13 years. The chief duties of the Secret Service are the protection of the person of the President and his immediate family. It also guards the Vice President if this is requested. President Kennedy has requested legislation that would make protection of the Vice President or whoever is first in the Presidential succession mandatory. In a Time magazine article published in 1953, Mr. Baughman described the Secret Service's biggest fear as, "escaped mental patients who bear grudges against the President or the Government." Mr. Baughman said that in 1952 the Secret Service handled 2,535 presidential protection cases. Of these cases, 74 resulted in arrests, and 72 of those were sent to prison or mental institutions.

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