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U-2 Pilot Powers Divorcing Wife

Aug. 14, 1962 - Francis Gary Powers, the former U-2 pilot, filed suit today in Milledgeville, Ga., to divorce his 26-year-old wife Barbara. The former flier for the C.I.A., who was shot down over the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960, filed the action in Baldwin County Superior Court. The complaint charged that Mrs. Powers had been “guilty of habitual intoxication and on numerous occasions cursed and abused” Mr. Powers without cause. Mr. Powers, 32, said in the petition that he and his wife had been separated since May 27. They were married April 2, 1955, and have no children. Mr. Powers returned to the U.S. in February after he had spent 19 months in a Russian prison on espionage charges. In April, Mrs. Powers was hospitalized after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.


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