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Two Philadelphia Eagles Hospitalized after Vicious Fight

Nov. 25, 1963 - Defensive back Ben Scotti (left) and defensive tackle John Mellekas (right) were missing from the Philadelphia Eagles’ lineup yesterday. They were in the Graduate Hospital as a result of a fight Saturday night in the lobby of the Sheraton Motor Inn after a squad meeting. Coach Nick Skorich announced prior to yesterday’s game that both players were suspended without pay pending an investigation of the incident. It was learned at the hospital that both players were expected to remain there at least another day. Scotti, who formerly played with the Washington Redskins, received severe lacerations of the hands and had his right hand in a cast, according to a hospital spokesman. It was reported that his hand was broken. Mellekas, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, had multiple contusions and lacerations on the face and a possible fractured nose. Mike McClellan replaced Scotti and Bobby Richards, normally an end, moved to Mellekas’ tackle spot. George Tarasovic moved into Richards’ left end position. Reportedly the fight developed from a political argument, believed to have been connected with the slaying of President Kennedy. There had been a difference of opinion as to whether yesterday’s game should have been played due to the death of the President.


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