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Two Negro Churches Burn in Georgia, Arson Suspected

Sept. 9, 1962 - Two Negro churches in Georgia, one of them the scene of weekly voter registration rallies, were destroyed by fire early today. The F.B.I. and Georgia and Terrell County authorities began inquiries to determine whether the buildings had been burned in an attempt to intimidate prospective registrants. A white man attacked two F.B.I. agents with his fists as they examined the ruins of Mount Mary Baptist Church at Chickasawhatchee, five miles southwest of Sasser, Ga. The man was arrested and jailed in nearby Albany on charges of assaulting a Federal officer. It is not clear what prompted the assault. Jackie Robinson (pictured), the former major-league baseball star, visited the site of the second church, Mount Olive Baptist, on the eastern edge of Sasser. Mr. Robinson announced on the spot that he would lead a fundraising effort to help rebuild the churches. He traveled to Sasser after having arrived by plane in Albany, where he will speak tonight at a dinner held by the Albany Movement, an antisegregation organization.


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