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Two More T.V. Soaps Down the Drain

Sept. 4, 1962 - Two more T.V. soap operas will go down the drain Sept. 28. They are “The Brighter Day” on CBS and “Our Five Daughters” (pictured) on NBC. The cancellations are further indication that daytime serials do not stimulate interest on television as widely as they did on radio. While serials used to dominate daytime hours on all radio networks, the only real home they have found in television is on CBS. After CBS drops “The Brighter Day,” it will have six soap operas left, all in the afternoon. The network has found through experiments that there seems to be little public interest in watching television soap operas before noon. Oscar Katz, vice president of day programs at CBS, added: “The daytime serial on television is much different from what it was on radio. It has advanced considerably — better plot and more character delineation. Therefore, it requires more attention to watch than it did to listen on radio.” The radio networks abandoned day soap operas several years ago and replaced them primarily with news, special events, and public-affairs programming.


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