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Two Girls Murdered in New Jersey

June 21, 1962 - The dead bodies of two teenaged girls who had been badly beaten were discovered this afternoon in a densely wooded area about a mile from Morristown, N.J. The victims were identified as Noreen Buckley, 17, and Margaret Ann Kennedy, 16, both of Morris Plains. The girls’ parents had reported them missing at 1 a.m. today. The police said the two were last seen while shopping in Morristown about 8 p.m. Wednesday night. According to the police, the Kennedy girl telephoned her father at 10:30 last night and told him she was going to a party. It was the last time anyone heard from either of the two friends. Police said they had questioned 50 teenagers, including a youth who was seen with the girls on their shopping trip. The youth was said to reside near the area where the bodies were found. The body of Miss Buckley was discovered by three boys walking on a dirt road. The body was lying on the road. The boys called the police, who discovered a second body about 300 yards into the woods. The police reported that both bodies had been battered at the back of the head. Both girls were students at the Bayley-Ellard Roman Catholic Regional High School in Madison, N.J.


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