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Two Fans Charge Jimmy Piersall at Yankee Stadium, Piersall Charges Back

Sept. 10, 1961 - In the first game of a doubleheader today at Yankee Stadium, two youths charged onto the field and went after Jimmy Piersall, the Cleveland Indians' center fielder. They quickly discovered they were tangling with the wrong fellow. As the first youth belligerently tore at Piersall, the center fielder swung with his left, the one encased in a glove. The attacker went sprawling. Piersall then whirled on the other one, who immediately took to his heels with the enraged Jimmy in pursuit. After a few strides, Piersall let fly with a well-aimed kick that barely missed connecting. The Stadium's special police placed the two youths in handcuffs. They were taken to the 44th Precinct and charged with disorderly conduct. When play resumed, Piersall received a mighty ovation from the New York crowd after making a superb catch off the bleacher wall. The Yankees won the game, 7-6.

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