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Two Ex-Convicts Sentenced to Death in Los Angeles

Sept. 12, 1963 - A Los Angeles Superior Court jury of nine men and three women voted the death penalty today for the two ex-convicts found guilty of first-degree murder in the March 10 slaying of a Los Angeles police officer. Gregory U. Powell, 30, and Jimmy Lee Smith, 32 (pictured after their arrest in March), showed little emotion as clerk Grayce Martin read the verdict before Judge Mark Brandler’s court. Powell stood expressionless. Smith stared glassy-eyed at the jury, which returned the verdict after two hours of deliberation. Powell and Smith were convicted Sept. 4 of the murder of officer Ian James Campbell, 31, who was kidnapped with his partner, Karl Hettinger, 28, from a Hollywood street corner and slain in an onion field near Bakersfield, Calif.


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