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Two Documentaries about JFK Set for Release

June 2, 1964 - Two documentaries about President Kennedy are being prepared for showing in motion picture theaters this fall.

David Wolper, whose “The Making of the President 1960” won an Emmy last week as the best television program of the year, will produce “Four Days in November,” a study of the President’s assassination. It is being made in collaboration with United Press International, using as a basis the current nonfiction best-seller, “Four Days,” published by UPI and American Heritage.

The other documentary is “The J.F.K. Story.” Harry Rasky, the writer-producer-director of the well-received “Cuba and Castro Today,” is assembling color material for the features, which he describes as a “creative biography” of the late President.

Mel Stuart is directing the film on the assassination. He has been interviewing witnesses, screening all available professional and amateur film on the subject, and planning a thorough coverage of the assassination and subsequent events.

Mr. Rasky said he had found “an enormous amount of color footage” on the late President’s life for use in “The J.F.K. Story.” he is shooting additional color scenes of places visited by Mr. Kennedy and plans to show the film to the accompaniment of recordings of his speeches and a narration by a prominent actor.

He intends to have the film ready for release on Nov. 22, the anniversary of the President’s death.

President Kennedy’s war experiences were filmed before the assassination, in a mildly received color dramatization called “PT-109.”

A film dramatization of the assassination called “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald” has been made in Dallas, with the action based on the story of a trial. It has not been released.

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