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Two Brooklyn Racketeers Indicted for Assault on Cop

Aug. 24, 1961 - Anthony (Tony Shots) Abbatemarco, 39, and Giovanni Seimone, 48, were indicted today for felonious assault with intent to kill in the shooting of patrolman Melvin Blei, 35, outside a Brooklyn restaurant Sunday night. Patrolman Blei was shot as assailants fled the restaurant after attempting to strangle Lawrence Gallo, 33, a local racketeer. Kings County Judge Leibowitz reported today that he had been confronted by Gallo's brother, Joseph (Crazy Joey) Gallo, in a restaurant Wednesday night. Mr. Gallo at that time thanked the judge for having released him as a material witness. The judge responded that he had done so because it was called for under the law. Judge Leibowitz said he had asked Gallo what he was doing in the restaurant despite threats on his life. "I wanted to show my friends I could sit next to you," Mr. Gallo was quoted as replying.


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