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Two Americans Executed in Cuba

June 26, 1962 - Raul Castro (left), Cuba’s Armed Forces Minister, announced today the execution of two alleged U.S. agents captured in Oriente Province. Mr. Castro, Premier Fidel Castro’s younger brother, said four agents were captured May 19 and contended that at least two of them were CIA “infiltrators.” The others, he charged, were agents based at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay. “They can start mourning them,” he said, referring to the alleged agents. He declared that 25,000 pesos and maps showing military positions in Oriente Province had been found on the captured men. He charged that the maps constituted “proof of espionage flights the U.S. constantly carries out over our territory.” Raul Castro made his statements at a ceremony marking the outbreak of the Korean War, which he said had been started by the U.S.. He attacked the Kennedy Administration, charging that it was made of “pirates, adventurers, and multimillionaires."


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