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TV: Vincent Edwards of “Ben Casey” to Sing and Dance on TV Special

May 15, 1963 - Vincent Edwards (pictured with Frank Sinatra), television’s Dr. Ben Casey, will drop his scalpel to star as a song-and-dance man on a special one-hour show. Connie Francis will also appear on the program. The show will be televised on Nov. 28, Thanksgiving Day, by NBC, which happens to be the network for “Dr. Kildare,” whose hero is Richard Chamberlain. “Ben Casey” is televised by ABC. Mr. Edward’s musical show was set up by Television Productions of America, the recently formed company that is producing “Elizabeth Taylor’s London.” Miss Taylor’s show will be televised Oct. 6 by CBS. Mr. Edwards recently made his nightclub debut at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Both he and Mr. Chamberlain have made LP records on which they sing ballads.


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