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TV: Two Female Roles Cut from NBC’s “Empire”

Dec. 8, 1962 - The producers of NBC’s “Empire” have decided that women and Westerns don’t mix. Early next year, two female leading roles will be eliminated, and two male roles will be introduced. “Empire” depicts modern-day happenings on a 500,000-acre ranch in the Southwest. The roles to be cut out are filled by Anne Seymour and Terry Moore, who portray mother and daughter, respectively. Miss Seymour is cast as head of the family that owns the ranch. Ryan O’Neal (pictured) will continue on the show as the son in the family that owns the ranch. The ranch manager, who takes orders from the boss lady, is played by Richard Egan. “The women got in the way of the show,” said one source involved in making the changes. “Egan is a flunky for a woman, which is bad. He can’t conduct himself like a real man because he has to check everything with the woman who owns the ranch. By eliminating the female character, he will be able to boss people around as he ought to.” Script writers will have Miss Seymour’s character die, probably on the telecast of Feb. 26. A week earlier, the daughter will be married and fade away into the Western sunset. The two actors joining the cast are Charles Bronson and Warren Vanders.


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