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TV: "The Untouchables" Likely Renewed for Next Season

Mar. 3, 1962 - The television crime series “The Untouchables” will most likely continue for a fourth season on ABC. The program’s future had depended upon a contract renewal between Robert Stack (pictured), who portrays the leader of the Federal agents, and Desilu Productions, producer of the show. A source close to the situation said Mr. Stack and Desilu were “very close” to a new contract and that “things look very favorable.” Mr. Stack could not be reached for comment. It was said he was ill with a virus and that production of “The Untouchables” for this season had been interrupted. ABC will probably have to repeat two episodes in May because of Mr. Stack’s illness. “The Untouchables,” which made its debut on Oct. 15, 1959, is televised on Thursdays from 10 to 11 p.m.


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