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TV: “The Untouchables”

Sept. 26, 1962 - There will be some changes on ABC-TV’s “The Untouchables” this season. On the show, Robert Stack (pictured) plays Eliot Ness, who, with a small group of law enforcement officers, fights the gangs during Prohibition. To brighten up the show, there have been suggestions that the segments will be going in more heavily for music and choreography. The music, according to Mr. Stack, will be live, and some of the shows will be filmed on location. There will also be a new approach to the Ness character. He will be more human this year. Mr. Stack said that, until now, the Ness character has not been explored in depth, and that his audience would like to know more about him. “The audience would probably like to know more about the emotional relationships, for instance, between Ness and the men he works with. This has been overlooked. Of course, we’ve got to watch out for the maudlin and the banal.” “The thing is,” Mr. Stack concluded, “you may start out trying to be honest. You think you are going to be different. But unless you are very lucky, you may find yourself off the air, replaced by a show that is not trying to be different.”


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