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TV: “The Lieutenant”

July 24, 1963 - MGM-TV’s new series, “The Lieutenant,” has been shooting on location at El Toro Marine Corps Air Base in California and plans to film future episodes at other Marine installations throughout the country. “The Lieutenant,” starring Gary Lockwood (right) and Robert Vaughn (left) as Marine Corps officers, will premiere on NBC this fall. The title character is Second Lieutenant William Tiberius Rice (Lockwood), a rifle platoon leader and one of the training instructors at Camp Pendleton. Vaughn plays Captain Raymond Rambridge, Rice’s company commander, an up-from-the-ranks officer. An hour-long drama, the show will explore the lives of enlisted Marines and officers alike. Additional filming locations to be used include the Marine Corps’ Cold Weather Training Center in the Sierra Nevadas, the Marine base at Quantico, the San Diego Recruit Depot, and an atomic carrier in the Pacific. Two episodes were filmed at Camp Pendleton in California.


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