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TV: “The Fugitive” Coming This Fall on ABC

July 17, 1963 - A new television series called “The Fugitive” will debut Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. on ABC, and advance word on the hour-long program is extremely positive. The series stars David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, the “fugitive” of the title, and Barry Morse as Lieut. Philip Gerard, his relentless pursuer. Dr. Kimble is a physician wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder and sentenced to death. En route to death row, Dr. Kimble’s train derails in a freak accident, allowing him to escape and begin a cross-country search for the real killer, a one-armed man. Each episode will deal with a week, a month, a day, or an hour in the life of Richard Kimble — a life which involves flight, search, moral dilemma, love, friendship, laughter — all inextricably bound with danger, unfulfillment, and tragedy.


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