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TV: “The Eleventh Hour” on NBC

Dec. 8, 1962 - “There are so few good dramatic series around,” said Jack Ging (right), “I feel very lucky to be associated with this one.” “This one” is NBC’s “The Eleventh Hour,” in which he co-stars with Wendell Corey (left). Mr. Ging openly admits that he was anti-series before the show came along. “I was making a good living as a free-lance actor,” he said, “and I thought that was better than being tied down to a bad show. Then I read about ‘Eleventh Hour’ and that Norman Felton [executive producer of ‘Dr. Kildare’] was doing it. I love the Kildare series, and I knew with Felton on this one it had to be good. I was also attracted by the fact that this was to be a drama on psychiatry. I like heavy drama.” Mr. Ging is particularly enthusiastic about the guest stars he works with on the series. “When you’re free-lancing,” he pointed out, “you only work with the George C. Scotts, the Kim Hunters, once a year. On this show, they’re here every week. We also get top directors because our scripts are so good. I’ve always maintained that the secret of success for a series is good scripts — if you have good ones the best directors want to direct them, and the best actors want to act them. Actors would rather be a small part of something good than a big part of something not so good.”


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