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TV: Special Telecast on Proposed National Cultural Center

Nov. 3, 1962 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (pictured with composer Igor Stravinsky) will have a major role on NBC’s one-hour telecast Sunday about the proposed National Cultural Center in Washington. “A Stage for Excellence,” which will explain how the center will be used by the performing arts, will be presented in color at 4:30 p.m. Mrs. Kennedy will introduce the entertainment segments that have been filmed by NBC in different locales as examples of the type of performances that might be presented in the center. These include Robert Frost reading a poem during a lecture at Radcliffe College, Emlyn Williams and Albert Dekker in scenes from “A Man for All Seasons,” the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Mahalia Jackson singing a gospel song, and the Catholic University players doing a scene from “Othello.”


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