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TV: Plenty of War on ABC in 1962-63

Aug. 23, 1962 - Warner Brothers and the ABC network see a bright future for war as a subject for television series. Warner Brothers is turning out segments of “The Gallant Men” (pictured) for ABC, and the ABC is doing a war series of its own called “Combat.” War, says William P. Orr, head of video production for Warners, has almost unlimited potential. It offers excitement, physical conflict, mental torment, adventure. “It would be difficult for anyone to object to violence in a war series,” Mr. Orr pointed out. “You can’t have war without violence, so I don’t think we can be accused of exploiting violence for violence’s sake.” Mr. Orr and everyone else in television will be watching the ratings for the first hour-and-a-half series, “The Virginian.” “If it succeeds,” asserted Mr. Orr, “it won’t be long before others try it. As a company that makes movies as well as television, we are very much aware of how a series segment an hour and a half long can be converted into a movie for foreign distribution.”


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