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TV: NBC’s Fall Schedule

Feb. 6, 1963 - While many programs are still subject to change, here are a few highlights of NBC’s evening television schedule next fall:

Sunday’s one uncertainty is “Car 54, Where Are You?” It may be replaced. Firmly fixed are “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” at 7:30 and “Bonanza” at 9.

Monday is uncertain from 7:30 to 10. If “Monday Night at the Movies” is a smash against CBS, it will probably stick, but new programming is under consideration. Tuesday brings a new program called “Mr. Novak” with James Franciscus (pictured) at 7:30 and the new “Richard Boone Show” at 9, followed by the new “Andy Williams Show.”

Wednesdays will see a return of “The Virginian” at 7:30, followed by a British spy anthology series called “Espionage,” followed by Season 2 of “The Eleventh Hour.” Thursday brings a new Western called “Temple Houston” starring Jeffrey Hunter, followed by the dependable “Dr. Kildare.”

Friday will be devoted to the hour-long “Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater,” followed by the new “Harry’s Girls.”

Saturday brings the new “The Lieutenant,” a series created by Gene Roddenberry, at 7:30. This is followed by the “Joey Bishop Show,” and “NBC Saturday Night at the Movies.”


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