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TV: “My Living Doll”

Apr. 25, 1964 - Bob Cummings will co-star with Julie Newmar on CBS-TV next season in “My Living Doll,” a comedy about a bachelor who has custody of a scientifically created girl robot.

Cummings will play Dr. Bob McDonald, a psychiatrist. His friend Dr. Carl Miller (Henry Beckman), an Air Force scientist being transferred to Pakistan, shows Bob his latest invention: a lifelike android in the form of a sexy woman. Miller gives the prototype robot, called Rhoda (Newmar), to Bob.

Bob is initially reluctant but soon becomes intrigued by the experiment of educating this sophisticated but naive robot. The series’ episodes will center around Rhoda’s attempts to learn how human society works, and Bob’s attempts to teach Rhoda how to be “the perfect woman” — which he defines as one who “does what she’s told” and “doesn’t talk back.” He also strives to keep her identity secret by saying that she is Dr. Miller’s niece.

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