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TV: Maharis Absent from “Route 66”

Nov. 30, 1962 - “Route 66,” an adventure series on CBS, has run into a medical roadblock. George Maharis (right), co-star of the series, has been unable to appear for the filming of episodes for three weeks. Mimi Weber, his manager, said he cannot work on TV, recordings, or guest appearances until “he has whipped the ravages of hepatitis.” As a result, Mr. Maharis is on film only for next Wednesday night’s show. He has been written out of the program from Dec. 14 through early January. He also has canceled an appearance on Ed Sullivan’s show Dec. 16. The change leaves Martin Milner (left), co-star, as the principal figure in the programs without Mr. Maharis. Last May, when Mr. Maharis was first stricken, he was written out of four episodes for last season.


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