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TV: Lucille Ball to Star in New Comedy Series on CBS

Mar. 4, 1962 - Lucille Ball will star in a new comedy series to be televised next season by CBS. The program will appear on Mondays from 8:30 to 9 p.m. The executive producer will be Desi Arnaz, the comedienne’s former husband, who co-starred with her in “I Love Lucy.” When Mr. Arnaz was asked about the story and setting, he replied: “We are going to keep it a secret until a few weeks before the show goes on the air. I can’t tell you anything.” Mr. Arnaz did say that Miss Ball will be the image of the character for which is best known — Lucy Ricardo in “I Love Lucy.” He said there was a possibility that Vivian Vance, featured in “I Love Lucy,” would be in the cast. Filming will begin in August in Hollywood. Three cameras will film the action from three angles in the presence of a studio audience.


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