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TV: “Hazel” to Air Color Episodes

Oct. 15, 1961 - NBC, which is allied with its parent company, RCA, in stimulating interest in color television programs and sets, will receive help from “Hazel” next month. The comedy series, starring Shirley Booth, is televised by NBC each Thursday at 9:30 p.m. “Hazel” is usually presented in black and white, but it will be in color on Nov. 2 with a story entitled “What’ll We Watch Tonight?” In it, the head of the family, played by Don DeFore, promises Hazel a new TV set for her room so the family will have full access to the set in the living room. “Hazel takes the money he offers for a regular set and uses it as a down pyament on a color set,” according to advance information released by #NBC.


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