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TV: Harpo Marx and Carol Burnett to Present “The Wonderful World of Toys” on NBC

Oct. 11, 1961 - No matter what the critics say about “The Wonderful World of Toys” next month, the show will find its master of ceremonies speechless. The role will be filled by Harpo Marx (pictured with Carol Burnett), who has found, in his long career, that silence can be lucrative as well as golden. In announcing the assignment for the comedian today, NBC said the entire hour-long show would be filmed in Central Park. The program will display thousands of toys ranging in size from small rubber balls to seven-foot-tall stuffed animals. The show will air on Nov. 12. The network said Mr. Marx left New York today for Hollywood because of the death of his brother Chico, but he would return in time to comply with the show’s production schedule.


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