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TV: "Father Knows Best" Still Drawing Big Ratings

Jan. 28, 1962 - CBS is studying the possibility of replacing the new Robert Young with the old Robert Young. Under a proposed maneuver of unusual design, “Window on Main Street,” which made its debut last fall, would be dropped March 26 and replaced by “Father Knows Best,” now in its second year of reruns. Mr. Young stars in both situation comedies. “Father Knows Best,” considered to be one of the outstanding situation comedies, is presented by CBS each Wednesday at 8 p.m. Although it competes opposite NBC’s highly rated “Wagon Train,” reruns of “Father Knows Best” obtain almost as high a rating as “Window on Main Street,” which ought to have a much better rating, in view of the sponsors. In “Father Knows Best,” which made its TV debut in 1954, Mr. Young portrays the father of two daughters. In “Window on Main Street” he plays a widower without children.


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