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TV: "Bob Newhart Show" Undergoes Changes

Jan. 24, 1962 - The “Bob Newhart Show,” which made its debut last fall, is undergoing changes in its production staff. NBC confirmed a report today that Coby Ruskin, the director, had resigned. It said there was a possibility that Roland Kibbee, the producer, also might leave the program. Greg Garrison has been named to take over as director of the comedy series. NBC did not explain the reasons for the changes. There have been reports, however, that Mr. Newhart and Messrs. Ruskin and Kibbee have experienced professional differences since the program made its debut on Oct. 11. This is the first season that Mr. Newhart has starred on a regular T.V. series. In the past, he has concentrated on concerts and recordings and limited his television work to guest appearances.


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