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TV: “Arrest and Trial” and “Wagon Train” Join Ranks of 90-Minute Shows

Feb. 11, 1963 - NBC’s series “The Virginian” seems to have paved the way for other 90-minute weekly shows in color. “Wagon Train” will become a 90-minute color show next season, probably on Monday nights, and ABC’s new “Arrest and Trial” will be a 90-minute show, possibly on Sundays. The 90-minute trend may be a result of the success of first-run movies in color in network prime time. NBC’s new Monday Night Movie series has clobbered all its opposition, including “The Lucy Show” and Danny Thomas, on its first outing. Of course, it had a splendid color movie for its debut, “The Enemy Below,” a film that could have been designed for television with its close-up emphasis on the maneuvers of two men.


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