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TV and Radio Networks Pay Huge Amounts for Football Rights

Aug. 18, 1963 - Television and radio networks will pay a whopping $13.9 million this season for rights to broadcast 184 professional and college football games. But they will be doing fine at the cash register because they already have about $85 million in sponsor fees lined up to foot the bills. The NCAA will pick up the largest single hunk of air-rights money — $5.1 million — from CBS. Next in line is the National Football League, which gets $4.96 million for its regular season games, also from CBS. ABC hands $1.92 million to the American Football League for its regular games and championship game. NBC will pay the highest single-game fee: $926,000 for the NFL championship game. In addition to the network payoffs to the leagues, individual teams of the NFL and AFL are expected to take in another $837,500 in radio fees.


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