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TV: Amanda Blake of "Gunsmoke"

Nov. 4, 1961 - Amanda Blake, a redhead who has quietly sizzled her way through six years of “Gunsmoke” as a lady saloon keeper and possible lover of the marshal, sat down recently and talked about the evolution of Kitty. She said she saw Kitty as a woman who “sees things very clearly, accepts things as they are, and tries to make some things better when she can.” Sometimes, Miss Blake uses Kitty’s good sense in her own personal life. “In a given situation, I will think to myself, ‘what would Kitty do?’ and then I do it. I’m nothing like Kitty,” she said with a laugh. “I think Kitty is almost perfect. She knows the right answers to so many things.” Miss Blake declared herself for Westerns in general. “I love them. I think people love them because they’re Americana.” As for her feelings about “Gunsmoke,” she said, “I would like it to go on forever. It gives me a feeling of security. They’re my family!”

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