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TV: Adam Cartwright of “Bonanza” to Marry

May 25, 1963 - This year, NBC’s “Empire” eliminated two female characters from its cast on the theory that it might improve the story. Now, another NBC-TV Western, “Bonanza,” has taken the contrasting view and will add a woman to what has been primarily an all-male cast. During the 1963-64 season, Adam Cartwright (left), the eldest of the Cartwright boys, who is played by Pernell Roberts, will engage in matrimony. The high-rated “Bonanza” is ending its fourth season, and it needs a new gimmick to sustain the longevity. David Dortort, producer of the show, said Adam’s taking an Eve would be developed over three or four scripts. “We will show how romance flourishes most often in real life,” said the producer, “how people discover each other’s weaknesses and strengths and ultimately find they are right for one another. We will let the viewers examine this romance under a spotlight so that when the marriage takes place, it will seem the only logical course the couple can follow.”


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