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TV: ABC’s Fall Schedule

Feb. 4, 1963 - Here are a few highlights of ABC’s evening television schedule next fall:

Sunday night will be virtually all new: at 7:30, “Travels of Jamie McPheeters”; 8:30 “Arrest and Trial”; 10 “Voice of Firestone,” and at 10:30, probably “The Roosevelt Years,” which would indicate that Howard K. Smith’s program will not be back.

Monday will bring a new show called “The Outer Limits” at 7:30, “Wagon Train” at 8:30, and at 10 there will be “Breaking Point,” a series featuring a psychiatrist.

Tuesday at 9 will bring “The Greatest Show on Earth,” a Desilu package starring Jack Palance about circus life. 10 will offer a new show called “The Fugitive,” starring David Janssen. “Combat!” and “McHale’s Navy” will precede these two shows.

Wednesdays will bring the new “Patty Duke Show” at 8 and the popular “Ben Casey” at 9.

Thursday at 9 will be assigned to Jimmy Dean’s hour-long live show, preceded by “The Donna Reed Show” and “My Three Sons.”

Friday will bring a new detective show called “Burke’s Law” at 8:30.

Saturday will be devoted to Lawrence Welk at 8:30 and Jerry Lewis’s 90-minute show at 9:30. These shows will be preceded by “Hootenanny.”


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