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Truman Appreciates Goldwater Compliment

June 1, 1963 - Harry S. Truman said today it was “awfully nice” of Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) to say the nation needs another Harry Truman as President. The Arizona Senator, speaking before an insurance group last night at Tucson, said Truman’s administration was marked by a forthright policy which is lacking in the Kennedy administration. “The more I think about it,” Mr. Goldwater said, “the more I think Harry Truman will go down in history as one of the greater Presidents.” “That’s awfully nice of him,” the former President said this morning when informed of Sen. Goldwater’s comments. “I never had any argument with Goldwater,” Mr. Truman continued. “I think he is honestly trying to do a good job. And I thought that before he said those nice things about me last night.” Mr. Truman added, however, that he thought people should withhold their appraisal of former Presidents “until they have been dead at least 10 or 15 years.”


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