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Tragedy Hits the Bevington Family

June 3, 1962 - The three small children of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Bevington have one parent alive today — their father — because their parents made it a policy never to fly together. Their mother, Mrs. Betsy Bevington (right), died today in the crash of an Air France jetliner in Paris. Mrs. Bevington, who had toured with the Atlanta Art Association, had met her husband in Paris last week. Mr. Bevington, manager of an air-conditioning equipment concern, was on a business trip. Both were to return home today. Mrs. Bevington boarded the ill-fated Air France plane; her husband was to board another. Friends who have been taking care of the Bevington children said they did not know whether Mr. Bevington would continue to Atlanta or return to Paris. Mrs. Bevington’s mother, Mrs. L.O. Rickey (left) of Winter Park, Fla., who accompanied her daughter on the trip, also was killed in the crash.


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