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Toronto Honors World Champion Maple Leafs

Apr. 19, 1963 - Toronto opened its heart today in a tribute to the Maple Leafs hockey team, the 1963 Stanley Cup champions. Their 3-1 triumph over the Detroit Red Wings at Maple Leaf Gardens last night after a tense playoff series brought out about 150,000 to line Bay Street to cheer the team to their civic reception at City Hall. Five hundred policemen strained to prevent the crowd from mobbing the team as it passed, preceded by the band of the Queen’s Own Rifles and flanked by motorcycle policemen with flashing red lights and moaning sirens. Downtown Toronto shook with the chant of “We Want Keon,” which swept through the 30-deep spectators for Dave Keon, the star of the playoff. This year’s NHL championship was the ninth for the Toronto club and its second in two years.


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