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Tony Pro on Murdered Shop Steward: “He Was Accident-Prone”

May 29, 1963 - Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano (pictured), 45, president of the Teamsters Union’s 13,000-member Local 560, expressed grief today over the murder of Walter Glockner, 27, a shop steward and foe of Tony Pro, and said he would provide college scholarships for Glockner’s two small daughters. Tony Pro made these disclosures to a New York Daily News reporter during a recess in his trial on extortion charges in Federal Court, Newark. Glockner was shot to death last Friday near his home in Hoboken, N.J., the day after Tony Pro allies threw Glockner out of a shop stewards’ meeting. “How do you feel about the Glockner murder?” the reporter asked. “That was a terrible thing,” said Tony Pro. “How do you feel about the reports tying you to the slaying?” “Why, this was the worst thing that could happen to me,” said the union boss, an international vice president of the Teamsters Union and a buddy of Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters czar. “I loved the guy. He looked just like my son. Those dimples. That smile. I practically raised him. We never had any trouble. I saved his job I don’t know how many times. He was accident-prone.”


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