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Tony Pro Kin Held in Hoboken Murder

May 25, 1963 - A relative by marriage to the Provenzano clan was held today as a material witness in the slaying of Walter Glockner, 27, foe of Teamsters Union boss Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano. Held without bond was Thomas Joseph Reynolds, married to the sister of the wife of Tony Pro’s brother, Nunzio. Hudson County Prosecutor James Tumulty said he had collateral evidence that Reynolds has “information as to the identity of the murderer or murderers.” At a shop stewards’ meeting Thursday, Reynolds got into a fistfight with Glockner, who was to have appeared as a prosecution witness in the current shakedown trial of Tony Pro in Federal Court, Newark. Glockner was gunned down outside his home in Hoboken Friday. Tumulty said Reynolds refused to take a lie detector test, although he was promised his freedom if he passed it. Reynolds, 34, kept silent during many hours of questioning by police, FBI agents, and representatives of the U.S. Justice Department. Tumulty said, however, he was optimistic the case would crack soon. Reynolds’ fight with Glockner occurred after Glockner protested the appointment on Tony Pro’s orders of J.W. Dildine as business agent of Local 560. Glockner was told to leave the meeting and refused. He and Reynolds scuffled and Glockner felled Reynolds with a blow before other Tony Pro advocates threw Glockner out of the meeting. Tony Pro is accused of shaking down the Dorn Transportation Company — for which Glockner worked — for $17,100 on threats of provoking labor trouble if the company did not pay off.


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