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Tony Pro Foe Murdered in N.J.

May 24, 1963 - A young Teamsters’ Union shop steward who opposed the president of his local, Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano, was fatally shot today in Hoboken, N.J. as he left his home to go to work. The dead man, Walter Glockner, a 27-year-old ex-Marine, was shot shortly after 6 a.m. He died in St. Mary’s Hospital at 3:48 p.m. after undergoing surgery and receiving transfusions of blood donated by members of his local. He was reported to have spoken with police officials during a brief period of consciousness. Friends of the victim said he had been ejected from a shop stewards’ meeting of Local 560 in Hoboken last night after he had opposed Mr. Provenzano’s appointment of J. W. Dildine as business agent for the local. Salvatore (Sammy Pro) Provenzano, a brother of Anthony Provenzano and a trustee of the local, presided at the meeting. After being ejected from the shop stewards’ meeting, Mr. Glockner conferred in Secaucus with other insurgent members of the union’s United party. He reportedly said he would never halt his opposition to the Provenzano administration of the 14,000-member local, the largest teamsters’ local in the country. “They’re going to have to put me in a pine box to stop me,” he was quoted as saying. According to Hoboken police, as Mr. Glockner left his home this morning and walked to his car, two men stepped from the shadows and ordered him into a dark sedan. When Mr. Glockner refused and began to walk away, the thugs fired four shots. Three slugs hit the shop steward in the back. As he fell, his attackers sped away. Hoboken Police Chief Ambrose Riley said agents of the FBI were assisting in the search for the killers, but he said there had been no arrests and that no one was being held as a material witness. Anthony Provenzano is regarded as a close friend of James Hoffa, president of the Teamsters. In 1959, the local was the subject of a Senate rackets investigation, and soon thereafter opposition to the Provenzano leadership began to develop. In June 1961, Anthony Castellito, secretary-treasurer of the local, disappeared and is presumed to have been murdered. Observers believed that his popularity had posed a threat to the Provenzano leadership.


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